Uncategorized July 13, 2022

My Summer Favorite – Ice Coffee – Viennese Style!

A few years ago I travelled to Vienna and while there was introduced to what I consider the perfect summer drink – Viennese ice coffee.  Imagine an after breakfast, before lunch, stroll through the streets of Vienna – past the famed Lipizzaner Stables and the Schonbrunn Palace and then onto one of the great plazas.

At that point it was time for a cup of coffee, a newspaper from home, and perhaps a nibble.  We ducked down a side street and into a charming cafe with outdoor seating and promptly made ourselves at home.

We quickly found copies of the New York Times left by previous traveller’s and on a whim I ordered ice coffee.  The waitress questioned me twice about my order and then left.

What I got on her return exceeded any expectations I may have had.  In Vienna, “ice coffee” is actually expresso, vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream served in a tall glass.

Needless to say I was delighted and “ice coffee” became our password for unexpected deliciousness!

Now to find someone in Alexandria who can replicate this marvel . . . .