Uncategorized August 5, 2022

Na La is the new National Landing

Na La is IN, National Landing is OUT.  

At least for the summer.  The National Landing Business Improvement District (created with the great Amazonian announcement of 2018) has adopted Na La as the moniker for an event series taking place over the summer.  As Tracy Sayegh Gabriel, executive director, noted, it was “a shorthand intended to be fun and punchy”.

We went down yesterday to take a look for ourselves and couldn’t help but smile.

Using a beach theme, Na La is a brightly welcoming green space next to the entrance to Long Bridge Park.  Picnic tables, adult sand boxes, an AirStream trailer/Beach Club, Friday night entertainment, and outdoor fitness classes are all part of an effort to engage the community and incorporate ongoing changes in the area. 

For those who know the South Arlington/Crystal City/National Landing area only from commuting on Richmond Hwy or trips to Costco and Pentagon City there is so much more behind the scenes.  Pocket parks, a new ‘water park‘, a variety of eateries – all those amenities that make urban living, well, liveable.  We think Na La captures the moment perfectly and look forward to more!

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