LandscapingOutdoor Living SpaceOutdoor Rooms March 3, 2023

Our Dream Backyard – Part Three

We started our backyard project on July 12, 2021 with the porch.  In November we began rebuilding the raised beds and then, with that done, started on the hardscape.  The original plans needed a few adjustments but Joan, our landscape architect, was on hand daily and progress was inevitable!

First the old patio had to be dug up and the entire back yard leveled.  We saved the bricks  (30 years+) for edging the blue stone pavers and to differentiate the three specific “rooms” we were creating.

Thank goodness for craftspeople who really know their trade.

Removing three old, not very healthy holly trees opened up our yard and created much needed space.

A bluestone patio is a thing of beauty.  And no more grass!

Next up, finishing touches, the final reveal and a few garden shots for good measure.