Landscaping Our Dream Backyard – Part Three We started our backyard project on July 12, 2021 with the porch.  In November we began rebuilding the raised beds and then, with that done, started on the hardscape.  The original plans needed a few adjustments but Joan, our landscape architect, was on hand daily and progress was inevitable! First the old patio had to […]
Landscaping Our Dream Backyard – Part Two Armed with plans, permits, and my favorite contractor in place, we watched optimistically as our falling apart deck was demolished.  With that done, digging began for the footers to support our new covered porch.   Let me pause here for a moment to say when you add a roof to a porch it triggers a […]
Landscaping Our Dream Backyard – Part One If the pandemic taught us anything it was that outdoor space/green space matters.  Home offices took on enormous importance but also the ability to get outside, whether to eat, play, read a book or join in an endless series of Zoom meetings. So in mid July 2021 we took the plunge to completely transform our […]
Uncategorized Na La is the new National Landing Na La is IN, National Landing is OUT.   At least for the summer.  The National Landing Business Improvement District (created with the great Amazonian announcement of 2018) has adopted Na La as the moniker for an event series taking place over the summer.  As Tracy Sayegh Gabriel, executive director, noted, it was “a shorthand intended […]
Uncategorized My Summer Favorite – Ice Coffee – Viennese Style! A few years ago I travelled to Vienna and while there was introduced to what I consider the perfect summer drink – Viennese ice coffee.  Imagine an after breakfast, before lunch, stroll through the streets of Vienna – past the famed Lipizzaner Stables and the Schonbrunn Palace and then onto one of the great plazas. […]
Uncategorized Molly Louise – In Memoriam On Thursday, April 28th, 2022 we lost our beloved miniature poodle to sudden heart failure.  A southern girl from Brunswick, GA, (hence the double name), Molly Louise was a constant source of laughter, love, and companionship for over 10 years.  With the most expressive face possible and a BIG personality, she was a presence in […]
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